Date: 29th September 2008 at 3:30pm
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We need a few more reliable fans who would like to write a few reports from games, news items etc, also I need a co- editor, all those interested contact me through site or this post, cheers……….Eagle1 Editor… LINK


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  • I’d suggest, and sorry if it seems rude, you need o oget your arses in gear and give the site more of your time!

  • When you have to compete against the 4th largest football bbs site (20,000+ members) and another Palace site with 10,000+ members, then you might run into the same problems that I have, I have spent many hours on here writing articles and posting,also the promo ads, and all but a few away posts and the odd post are all written by me, so my dear friends my arse has been in gear for over a year and recently I have had personal problems which the site owners know about so my efforts have been in decline, Im only just getting back in the swing of things,but hey, thanks for your support and kind words…………………….Eagle 1…

  • Have been passing on your Vitial details to Eagle fans when I meet up with them, hope this little effort helps.
    Keep up the good work Eagle 1

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