Date: 31st May 2008 at 3:11pm
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Oh come on Mr Dowie, are you just trying to wind our beloved chairman Simon Jordon up, £1.25 million for Ben Watson, do me a favour pal.

I know Palace will listen to a decent offer, but I dont think Dowie will push this any further, he has plenty of cash, so why not shop around and give the R’s fans something to cheer about……..


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  • It seems there is an exodus at your club at the moment, maybe an ideal opportunity for Watson to get out? Warnock always has had a high player turnover.

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  • whoops try again, yes Boxer it looks that way, I would of thought the side would be buying to add that bit extra, than selling , only needed teaking a bit, we had a good run, so why sell and rebuild? gets me…..

  • Palace know Qpr have plenty of money so I am sure they will wnat a bit more money than that!

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