Tabloids should be ashamed of Zaha stories


Certain tabloids were twisting stories about Wilfired Zaha again last weekend.

The Sun ran a back page story claiming that Zaha carries the team and that he does all the work for his team mates while Sky Sports also picked up on the quotes and ran a  similar story.

The quotes were manipulated and completely taken out of context from a fantastic interview between Zaha and HLTCO, a Crystal Palace fan site. In the original interview, Zaha praises his fellow team mates at Palace and expresses his admiration for the fans of the club.

The twisting of quotes from this exclusive interview has enraged the Palace fan base who took to Twitter to respond quickly to the tabloid lies and to defend Zaha and the original interview.

Christian Foletto summed up his feelings well and gave some good advice for Palace fans about choosing to get Palace news from other outlets.

This Norwich provided the sarcasm on the story and outlined the poor quality of journalism.

Zaha himself responded to the twisting of the interview calling it ‘sad’.

Recent incidents like this have rightly annoyed our fan base and the lack of knowledge from these media outlets about the club and Zaha in particular is laughable.

There have been previous incidents involving the tabloids making up stories too. The Sun compiled a fake story about Mamadou Sakho holding a team meeting to convince Zaha to give his all to Palace this season following the transfer window. Unsurprisingly, Andros Townsend confirmed that the story as an out and out lie.

On all occasions, this lazy, poorly researched journalism is a disgrace and disrespectful toward both Zaha, the club and the fans and comes from mis-informed reporters.

The spinning of quotes also makes a mockery of the hard work by those at HLTCO who conducted the interview. The original interview is an absolute gem and deserves a listen to learn the truth about Zaha’s positivity towards Palace.

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