Date: 10th July 2008 at 8:46pm
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Palace chairman Simon Jordan has hit out at the Football League tribunal for concluding that Tottenham should pay an initial £700,000 for the club’s youngest ever first-team player, John Bostock.

Jordan told the Daily mail’I feel mugged and brutalised, it is scandalous, and this sends a message to smaller clubs,’ he told the Times. ‘Why bother to bring players through if tribunals cannot reflect the work that has gone in?’

‘You get players like Aaron Ramsey, who has gone for £5m from Cardiff to Arsenal because that is the UK transfer market. The tribunal, in my view, are supposed to reflect the conditions of the transfer market place. And they came up with a figure of £700,000 for a player who has captained his country at Under-17 level, who is perceived to be one of the best youngsters in the country and is being chased by Barcelona, Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea.

‘We had a £900,000 offer from Chelsea when he was 14 which we turned down. It’s beyond me and it makes me question why I bother with football. I have an academy who have produced a world-class footballer for someone else and got paid two-and-sixpence for it.’


10 Replies to “Tribunial-Palace mugged !”

  • It is disgraceful to be honest. In a few years, Bostock will be worth a hell of a lot more… – Leicester Fan

  • sympathy with palace fans but at the end of the day everybody hates ‘I’m so far up my own ass jordan’ so unlucky…..

  • jordan hating you look at the number of up and coming teenagers that actually make it – its tiny – how many 19 year olds break into the first team in the premiership? how much are they worth? a short million quid for a boy who will develop physically and emotionally in ways that are unforcastable isnt so bad

  • apparantly palace supporters arnt on the internet – i always said never go south of the river

  • As a die-hard yido I have to be honest I feel that palace have been mugged off too, In my opinion we should have payed them about £2 million but also give them a 10% cut of a future transfer from our club. The reason why i think they should get more is because the boy is obviously something special to have offers from barcelona , Cheatski and also Spurs. Barca dont chase average players, and if he reaches his full potential he will be worth more than carrick(18mil), Barry(18mil) and hargreaves(17mil) as an english midfielder if he reaches his top potential he’s gonna be worth between £20-30 million, I know i’m getting ahead of my self but as much as i love spurs to the death I believe we have ripped palace right off, so on behalf of me may i stress my greatest sympathies to all palace fans and S.J. But also I am glad that we have signed the best young attacking midfielder in britain and maybe europe. COYS!!!!

  • Welshyido believe me this lad is a one off, if his talent is fine tuned he will become a legend at spurs, I wish him well.

    Islingtonyid, Palace have the 4th biggist bbs site in the world, with over 20,000 members, thats why Im fighting a losing battle on here, but I will keep trying hoping to nick a few.
    Also our academy was set up 8 years ago, in in those eight years we have only had one world class lad come through, and he has gone for in todays terms peanuts, our academy might never produce another like him for years, if not at all, it cost 1.5 to 2million to keep our academy going so 700.000 is laugh able, not spurs fault, but the tribunal know sweet FA.

  • We owed you after you mugged us for Chris Armstrong. Seriously though, what has happened regarding Bostock is unfair on many levels. I just hope he gets a chance at Whit eHart Lane

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